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Scared Im A Failure (VENT)

Posted by SaberToothCanine - February 23rd, 2019

Hey ya'll,hope everyone is having a nice day.I've kinda been having doubts about myself and my artwork.

Things like trying to learn anatomy,posing,shading etc,has been coming down on me a lot,because I want to be a good artist,I don't care about being the best,all I want is to make artwork i'm happy of,and also make artwork that others like.

I'm a complete mess,all my artwork is inconsistent,I do the same poses over and over,and i'm just not good at all.

Ive only been doing digital art for 4 years,yes I am proud on how much I have improved on since my browser art program days.

Honestly im just scared,that I won't achieve anything at all,and all this would have been for nothing,like I won't

improve,I'm going be stuck forever.I want to do animation as well,so I have been a lot more harder on myself,saying to

myself i'm a failure just because I'm not fully happy where I am at this moment.

Just something I wanted to say,enjoy ya'lls day

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Yo, Rome wasn't built in a day, not everything needs to be a masterpiece, and there's nothing wrong in doubting yourself. Everyone got where they were through practice, and good practice. I'm not well versed in art but if it's like any other creative pursuit, I think most pieces would be throwaway ones; as long as they improve on a particular aspect of your art, it's all fine. And it's fine even if they don't, because sometimes just being in the same place on a treadmill requires you to run.

Looking at it another way, you know where you are, and you realize you need to improve. How this improvement occurs is secondary to the fact that you recognize there is a need to. And as you've mentioned yourself, you've improved a lot since the last 4 odd years or so. Maybe you're stuck in a rut that you're having trouble getting out of, or you don't see a clear path for improvement. Whatever the case, I think you'll be able to find _some_ way to improve on it, whether sooner or later, whether gradual or an "aha!" moment, or whatever.

I don't usually write posts like these, because every time I read ones like these, it's usually from subs on reddit like r/GetMotivated and it's to me, it all seems like a pile of insincere crap, because words are easier than action. That being said, none of this is meant to _motivate_ you, but just provide a bit of perspective.

TL;DR At least you aren't going to end up on r/delusionalartists anytime soon. And that's a good thing. Best of luck, hopefully you'll look back on posts like this one day and realise the improvement you'll have made.

Also, don't try to tackle too many things at once if it's bogging you down. Information overload is uncomfortable, to say the least. Start with one, stick with it for some time, move to the next, and rotate.

Regarding "art that makes others happy"... well you needn't worry about that, just make art that makes you happy like you've said, and the rest will follow. And even if it doesn't, so what?

Hey there!

I'm just dropping by to reinforce what Gimmick said. I know it can be really frustrating, especially when you're starting out, to get the feeling your art is actually influencing anything. Other than what was already said, I would also suggest you start looking into competitions, collabs or other things of the sort where you could participate and get to meet up with other artists. Drawing constantly will slowly allow you to improve and learn new things, yes, but only if you challenge, question and critique yourself as you're working through it.

Getting in touch with these sorts of collaborations will allow you to not only get better at art, but also allow you to get to meet up with other people who are walking the same path as you are! I feel like the most important thing to keep working and improving your art is to not only be doing it constantly, but to surround yourself with people who are doing so, too, it'll push you to go even farther!

Keep at it!

Just a little at a time. I feel the same about my artwork, i just think a lot of my stuff is bad / cringy. I find a lot of my progress comes from studying. I'll trace over heads discovering the frameworks and proportions that make it. Watch tutorials on anatomy of specific body parts. I'm never like: "okay I'm going to learn how to draw bodies today" It's usually something like: "I think I'll look into how the shoulder connects to the arm today" or "I'll practice drawing different eye styles today"

Ive havn't been studying as much because of stress and looking for a job,Ive often been scared to study anything because I feel like I won't learn anything unless its taught to me by another person,usually physically or at least if I able to talk directly and learn,because then I can ask questions.

Been just putting off drawing for a couple days,because its been stressing me out,but thank you for the tips and everything <3