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Posted by SaberToothCanine - January 18th, 2019

lately drawing been unsually hard for me,Ive been mostly taking a break from drawing anything since my whole crisis about why I draw and wanting to improve on how I draw.Its been difficult to say the least,because Ive been watching tutorials,its gonna take a while,thats what happens with all thing you have to learn.

I'm sorry that I made a big fuss over all of that because I was upset,stressed and jealous.I wanted to quit at one point because I didn't think I even deserve to be an artist because I felt the critiques just made more points that my work was horrible.I took the critism to heart for the worse,im sorry about that.

I just don't know what im gonna do now,Imma continue to draw but i don't know if I have any passion for it like I did before.


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It's alright if you really don't feel like drawing anymore. You should never force yourself to do sth you're not comfortable with. Sometimes it's good to take breaks from hobbies once in a while, I do it sometimes when my mind is full and I don't feel like drawing (although my stupid brain makes me feel bad afterwards cuz I'm a lil bit of a workaholic). If you really truly feel like art doesn't make you feel happy anymore, or at least not as much as before, then that's alright. Just know that if you ever want to try again, you'll have people who will support you no matter what! (Personally I think you're a pretty good artist, probably better than me)

Im not planning on quitting,I wanna draw,its just my passion for it has dropped is all since ive been stressing myself out over it

@SaberToothCanine well that's understandable, I would still recommend you'd take a break (doesn't matter how long or short it is), not worry about anything, take your mind off drawing for a while, do sth else. I usually do that when passion is lowering. I just stop for a few days, a week even, and just play videogame, read, listen to music, browse YouTube... After a while I start missing drawing again (which is usually accompanied by a few inspirations for new drawings) and I get back to that. If you don't feel comfortable quitting completely, I can suggest you do other types of arts, maybe try out writing, animation, painting, sculpting, etc... Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone helps you not only to improve but also to find new ideas for your principal medium of art, and get more motivated.

breaks are good. Not too long though. Eventually you are probably going to get the urge to draw something, and you should do it c:.
And I took a long break from Newgrounds and Reddit, it was pretty depressing when I first got here. Posted a few things and all of them were 2-4 votes with 20 views between 0 and .2 stars. (I still do poorly on Reddit, but I generally use it as a gauge as how good my art is compared to people with decades of experience) I had a lot more fun on Deviantart, making friends, and growing alongside them. Improvement is slow, you'll have good days and bad days.

Believe me, it's still stressing as fuck for me. And even when I do a piece that's amazing that stresses me because I feel like I'll never make anything better than it, and that I just got lucky.

I'd recommend doing lots of sketches. Little commitment, and you learn a lot more.