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Thinking About Quitting

Posted by SaberToothCanine - January 15th, 2019

Right now I think my artwork is horrible,and I've asked for criticism on my work,it's just confirmed my fears.I love drawing so much but at the same time I can't even draw anatomy right....I don't know if should even continue because there so many problems with my artwork.....I want to improve,and i know it's gonna take years too,I just feel unmotivated


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It is going to take years.
Most of these great artists you see have decades of experience and have worked professionally. You look them up on sites like rule34 e621 and they have THOUSANDS of completed images with potentially tens of thousands of pieces they didn't even submit. My main tip is for you to study humans. Don't feel bad about receiving critiques. Embrace them, try to fix the issues people are pointing out.

I will try,I just think im too dumb to understand any of it...

No way, I think your art is really nice! And like with anyone, it always takes time to practice and get better. I would consider myself as an example. I've been drawing for years and I still think my art isn't good enough. And that's why I keep drawing, to get better and get to a point where I'm fully proud of it! No artist was born with talents and the ability to draw perfectly. They all had to work hard to get where they are. I'm a bit late but I really do hope you don't stop drawing! Your drawings are great, and I can assured you they'll only get better with time !